“Man to Man”
Greg Jones
A group for men to hang out, form friendships and discuss ways to become the men God created us to be.
Saturday @ 9 AM - St. Amant

“Brave Men”
Ron Harris, Roland Landry, Kelvin Severin
We will talk about our struggles and victories that we face in our lives and apply the scriptures & prayer for our struggles.
Thursday @ 7 PM

“Man to Man”
John Frederic
Men of all ages and backgrounds sharing life, coffee, and conversation, while becoming all God has called us to be.
Saturday @ 9 AM

Karl Howard and Kent Schexnayder
“Bareans Men”
A group specifically tailored  to teach men the word of God.
Saturday @ 7 AM

Connor Bledsoe
We will do the entire month of Squatober starting October 1st at 5 am. It’s a Mon-Friday plan of squats
M-F @ 5 AM

Jonathan Moore + Jeremy Cameron
Men’s Night
Join us for six weeks as we eat dinner together and we discover what it’s like to be a man. No child care provided.
Tuesday @ 6:30

Meat Church
Andrew Hart and Blake Moran
Meat Church is a small group of married men who enjoy smoked & bbq meat.
We meet, we eat and we talk about Jesus & life. It’s a time to have a guy’s night out and enjoy good food.
Wednesday @ 6:30 PM


“Trials and Tribulations”
Makayla Burstall
During this time we will be studying the book of Esther. We will be learning about the different seasons in life and where God is in those seasons.
Sunday @ 4 PM
French Settlement

Ladies Lunch Bunch
Darnell Aguillard
Friendship and Fellowship. We will meet on Wednesdays at 11:30 at local restaurants for a meal with friendship and fellowship. Come and join us!
Wednesday @ 11 AM

When Women Walk in Faith
Lisa Pellegrin and Laurie Brumfield
We will use the book ‘What Happens When Women Walk in Faith, discussion, prayer,
and those who want to walk after we will prayer walk around the outside of church.
Wednesday @ 5:30 PM
HOF- Airline

Elijah, Faith and Fire
Linda Leader / Jan Allred
We will be studying the life of Elijah. There will be weekly videos by author, Priscilla Shirer,
that will introduce each chapter. *Workbook purchase required. Let’s discover together how this ordinary man lived a life of faith & fire.
Saturday @ 9 AM
HOF- Airline

“Praying for America”
Carol Moran
A group of ladies will be praying for our leaders for our country and most important for the future generation.
Ladies, this is our children, grandchildren and our great grandchildren's future. Come and pray and see what the Lord is going to do.
Tuesday @ 10 AM

“Spiritual Gifts”
Sarah Harris and Kim LeDoux
Everyone has a spiritual gift, do you know yours? God has given us all a gift that he wants us to
use to bring glory to him and to bless others. Learn to operate in your gifts.
You’ll need your Bible and a notebook (if you take notes).
Thursday @ 6:30 PM
HOF Airline

Stephanie Jones / Belinda Schexnayder
Connecting and sharing.
Sunday @ 6 PM
St. Amant  

“Freedom Group- Childcare”
Vanessa Bledsoe
We will provide childcare while parents attend Freedom Groups. Lives are changed through Jesus and
Freedom Groups - we have an opportunity to allow parents to attend and not be concerned with childcare.
Tuesday @ 6:30 PM
HOF Airline

“Be the Church”
Natalie Mills-Miller
Framed around the Bible verse Hebrews 10:24, this small group will have the opportunity
to show acts of God’s love by performing weekly outreach projects around the community.
Monday @ 6:30 PM


Connor Bledsoe
Tuesday @ 6 PM

Hannah Fontenot, Kyleigh Roy, Stevie Leriile
We will discuss what it means to pursue Jesus in a social media obsessed world.
Thursday @ 6 PM

“Young Adults”
Evan and Reyna Pellegrin
Ages: 18-25
Monday @ 7 PM


“Life Giving Bible Lessons”
Timmy + Donna Kleinpeter
Bible study, scriptures, devotionals, lessons with great fellowship & food
Sunday @ 5:30 PM

“The Naked Marriage”
Allen + Lynda Paulus
Video series by Dave and Ashley Willis, showing how to build an emotionally, spiritually and
physically naked marriage. Rediscover all of God's original, beautiful designs for your marriage and all that it can be.
Friday @ 6 PM

“Prayer Changes Everything”
Jimmie + Carol Moran
We are going to pray for our nation and watch the Lord answer our
prayers for our leaders of the nation, our state, and our community.
The Lord is our waymaker, miracle worker, promise-keeper, light in the darkness that is who He is.
We will be led by the Holy Ghost. We will have a time of worship and prayer
Every other Wednesday @ 6 PM - Gonzales


L.I.F.E. : Living in freedom everyday!
Scott Bledsoe
Your life may never be the same. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey,
this small group will help you take a step closer to this truth, "You will know the truth and the truth will set you FREE.
Tuesday @ 6:30 PM
*Childcare provided

Life Freedom Group
Kane + Anita Glaze
Study dedicated to equipping believers to learn to live in freedom everyday.
Tuesday @ 6:30 PM
*Childcare provided

“Book of Revelation”
John + Becky Wild
This will be an overview of the book of Revelation. We will concentrate on God's warnings
and His promises of Hope. Although this book was written over 2000 years ago, its words ring true in today’s world.
Tuesday @ 6 PM

The Message
Jody + Ashli Kelly
Come join us at our home as we discuss Sundays message , do life and fellowship together.
Tuesday @ 6:30 PM

“Fellowship & Worship Kickball”
T’Shanda Baldridge / Haley Ducote
Bring new people closer together, fellowship while playing a game of kickball listening to worship!
Every other Sunday @ 3 PM

John + Stephanie Frederic
Friday @ 6:30

At Household of Faith, we are not a church with Small Groups, but a church of Small Groups.

The easiest way to fully experience all that The House has to offer is to get connected through our small groups! It’s an opportunity to make friends while growing in your own walk with God.

We have three, six-week semesters each year, so you have the opportunity to try out different groups and experience different communities. We encourage group leaders to meet anywhere from homes to parks to coffee shops throughout our community, or online through any online meeting platform.

Each semester is given 6 weeks off before the next as a buffer period for groups who exceed the six-week semester, or for any informal meetings (which are highly encouraged)!