‘Missions’ is such a great concept because the very name of it defines what the gospel is all about:

“We should all be on a mission.” As a matter of fact, Jesus himself gave us the greatest mission statement a church can have: And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere” (Mark 16:15). Our church has a great mission’s heritage, in fact, almost from the first month of our existence in 1971; missions’ giving has been one of our core values. Our pattern for missions is taken from the Acts 1:8 picture of having a witness of God’s love in a local, state, national, and international expression.

Since 2000, we have been privileged to sow nearly $2 million dollars into seeing the world, here and abroad, have the Good News preached to them. At the very heart of missions is the biblical idea that each person deserves the opportunity to hear the gospel preached and make a decision for themselves. We have the distinct privilege to partner with great people like George Koshi with Faith Ministries for India, Gene Mills of Louisiana Family Forum , 15 new church plants through the ARC in ’05 & ’06 all across America, as well as others like Dorothy Wallace with Caring To Love in Baton Rouge as she guides women through the difficulties of unwanted pregnancies. Presently, we have 2 families from our local church on the field in Russia and Mexico.

We understand that God has blessed us here at HOF so that we may in turn be a blessing. Nothing gives us more pleasure than when we are able to partner with those the Lord has joined to us for the purpose of seeing God’s kingdom increased. Pastor Scott has currently committed to make 4 trips to the Kingdom of Swaziland by Oct. ’06 as a trainer for the Million Leader Mandate initiative to see one million leaders raised up for the work of the Lord. We not only believe in sending those whom God has called, but in experiencing other cultures ourselves. Part of our college internship is going to the world to be a part of that mission Jesus has called every Christian. We believe that one of the reasons that God has blessed this church is because we have had a heart for people: every color, nation, tribe and tongue.

Missions is a natural extension of the local church and the best place to support missions. Only eternity will tell the impact of a group of people who have a heart for the lost around the world as they join together in accomplishing something that none of us could do alone, so that one day we can hear “MISSION accomplished.”