Our Staff is here for your every need! No matter how big or small, we want to serve every person the best way that we can. We look forward to serving you and meeting your need! We have a dream to see God place the lonely in famlilies, to see the prisoners set free, and for God to give people great Joy!

Scott Bledsoe
Lead Pastor
Email: sbledsoe@hofchurch.com

Vanessa Bledsoe
Dream Team
Email: vbledsoe@hofchurch.com

Greg Jones
Executive Pastor
Email: gjones@hofchurch.com

Jonathan Moore
Children’s Pastor
Email: jmoore@hofchurch.com

Michael Glaze
Worship Pastor
Email: mglaze@hofchurch.com

Connor Bledsoe
Student Ministry Pastor
Email: cbledsoe@hofchurch.com

Polly Harris
Pastoral Assistant / Events
Email: pharris@hofchurch.com

Kim LeDoux
Finance / Facilities
Email: kledoux@hofchurch.com

Bridget Stevens
Financial Assistant / Accounts Payable
Email: bstevens@hofchurch.com

Mark Hamilton
Production Engineer
Email: mhamilton@hofchurch.com

Kyle Cash
Student Ministry Administrator
Email: kcash@hofchurch.com

Kaleb Bledsoe
Digital Media Designer
Email: kbledsoe@hofchurch.com